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Sydney, Australia

Rooftop Mounting Frame

Sydney Case Study.png
The Challenge

The Challenge

Our customer required multiple bespoke mounts to be installed on an existing concrete rooftop in Sydney.

Our Approach

To achieve this, Allied first had to assess the existing rooftop and establish what locations on the roof could safely support the new loading from the frame. We then created a 3D model of the existing site conditions to ensure there would be no clashes.


Once we were satisfied we had locations that were both structurally safe and constructable, we create the model of the mounting frame and connection to the rooftop. Our design also included access steps with a fall arrest.

By adding BIM methodologies to traditional rooftop design, we created a robust design that was easy for the site provider to visualise.


Rectangle 87 (6).png

Lattice tower assessment and design

Rectangle 87 (1).png

Rooftop assessment and design

Rectangle 87 (8).png

Monopole assessment and design

Rectangle 87.png

Guyed Mast assessment and design


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