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Castleknock, Dublin, Ireland

Lattice tower extension design

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The Challenge

This structure was a decommissioned electricity pylon, which was earmarked for 5G deployment. The location was suitable for 5G coverage but required a 6.0m extension to meet RF objectives.

Once it was established the existing pylon could safely support the 6.0m extension, the challenge was to ensure that the structure could be converted into a working telecoms tower.

The Challenge

Our Approach

To make the design work, we collaborated closely with the contractor to capture an extremely precise audit. This audit was then modelled accurately in our 3D model. This allowed us to design an intricate connection detail that formed the basis of the 6.0m extension.

This complicated upgrade was built without any site issues or delays, allowing the structure owner to quickly mobilise two new customers onto the existing structure.


Rectangle 87 (6).png

Lattice tower assessment and design

Rectangle 87 (1).png

Rooftop assessment and design

Rectangle 87 (8).png

Monopole assessment and design

Rectangle 87.png

Guyed Mast assessment and design


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