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Lattice tower assessment and design


Rooftop assessment and design

Kingswood East 4.jpg

Monopole assessment and design

Tibidabo CROPPED_edited.jpg

Guyed Mast assessment and design

Foundation image_edited.jpg

Foundation assessment and design, including pile design

3D-HEADFRAME Render 600DPI Best Portmarnock.png

Headframe and mount assessment and design

Rural NSW Case Study_edited_edited.jpg

Other projects

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Some questions you might have about our company.

  • Send us your project requirements
    The kick-off of any project (big or small) are your requirements. You will need to achieve certain objectives. Objectives can include antenna performance, access requirements, assessment of structural compliance. The majority of projects will involve existing infrastructure. The more information you provide will help us understand the project.
  • Discuss and agree scope
    Using our in-house experience, we will define a scope that best meets your objectives. This stage is often the best opportunity to add value and tweak strategy to save you time and cost. Crucially we will define the outputs you require: A report, a certificate, a drawing, a model. The end of this process is agreeing a scope with you.
  • Design/reporting execution
    Once the agreed brief has been instructed, we will focus on the execution of our design/report. We will provide a forecast delivery date to help you manage your project program. We will get our heads down and get to work on the design/report. However, we will always reach out to you when collaboration is needed. We also continue to listen as the project requirements change.
  • Provide project information
    We will send you the documents you need to keep your project moving. Communication lines remain open at this stage in the project. You may have questions and comments on our output documents, and of course, the project requirements may change. We will be available to respond.


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