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We provide high-value structural engineering services and clear, economic design solutions.

Allied Consultant Engineering specialises in providing structural engineering services to the telecommunications industry.

Our Process

On each project, we will take the time to understand your requirements. We appreciate that each telecoms project will have unique challenges. Available information is not always perfect, particularly for existing infrastructure. We will help you with the challenge of establishing what information is critical.

Once we have agreed the objectives with you, we will provide the assessment or design service that you need.

Our assessment/design documentation will concisely outline the next steps required to finalise your project.​​​


Our service to telecoms infrastructure owners allows for increased tenancy ratios and decreased CAPEX spend. 

Our services include:

  • Lattice Tower assessment and upgrade design

  • Guyed Mast assessment and upgrade design

  • Monopole assessment and upgrade design

  • Rooftop assessment and upgrade design

  • Foundation assessment and upgrade design


  • ISO9001:2015 - Awarded 2018, Certification Europe 

  • ISO19650:2018-2 - Awarded 2022, BSI 

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