Structural Assessment


When undertaking structural assessment and design work, we make sure we understand the client’s needs. This allows us to approach each project with the client’s objectives in mind.


Our reports are designed to be understood by both technical and non-technical readers. We provide a detailed capacity overview that makes clear the extent and location of structural capacity.


We always provide clear recommendations on the required next steps at the completion of a structural assessment to assist the client.


This approach presents the tower owner with a clearer picture than a blanket summary stating, “The tower is at 129.8% capacity”.

Our assessments are compliant with current standards (Eurocodes), to assure asset owners that best practice with regard to safe and economic design is being delivered.

We provide structural assessment and services for all types of structures, including:

  • Lattice Towers

  • Monopoles

  • Guyed Masts

  • Rooftop Installations

  • Foundations


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